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To Do List

Priority Items

  • Synopses on all F&GM stories
  • Synopses on all short stories
  • Synopses on all novels
  • Descriptions for all Nehwon characters
  • Synopses on all essays
  • Cover art for RPGs
  • Synopses on all RPGs
  • Biography

Pages Needed

  • [✓ srithofthescrolls, 2019-01-27]awards
  • Radio Adaptations
  • Television Adaptations
  • Movie Adaptations
  • Comic Book Adaptations
  • Board Game Adaptations

Updates Needed

  • RPGs for Nehwon needs to be updated to reflect new DCC material.

Article Ideas

  • Cold War & Post-Nuclear stories
  • Shakespeare in F&GM.
  • Lovecraft in F&GM.
  • influences on Leiber
  • Leiber's Influences on Others
  • Feminism/misogyny/The mysterious female in writings
  • Common themes/theads
  • Autobiographical elements
  • His contributions to science fiction
  • His contributions to horror
  • His contributions to fantasy
  • How Leiber mixes genre
  • Leiber in the era of pulp fiction
  • Leiber and Lovecraft Correspondence
  • Leiber and MacKnight Correspondence
  • [[|Discussion post based on this article.]]/
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