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A Pail of Air5.005.00 stars  1 votes
The Girl with the Hungry Eyes5.005.00 stars  2 votes
Gummitch and Friends5.005.00 stars  1 votes
Writers of the Dark5.005.00 stars  1 votes
Gonna Roll the Bones5.005.00 stars  1 votes
Heroes and Horrors5.005.00 stars  1 votes
The 64-Square Madhouse5.005.00 stars  2 votes
The Best of Fritz Leiber5.005.00 stars  1 votes
The Ghost Light5.005.00 stars  1 votes
The Creature From Cleveland Depths5.005.00 stars  1 votes
Thieves House5.005.00 stars  3 votes
Our Lady of Darkness5.005.00 stars  1 votes
The Swords of Lankhmar5.005.00 stars  1 votes
Coming Attraction5.005.00 stars  2 votes
Bazaar of the Bizarre5.005.00 stars  3 votes
The Sadness of the Executioner5.005.00 stars  1 votes
Swords Against Death5.005.00 stars  1 votes
The Jewels in the Forest4.714.71 stars  7 votes
The Sunken Land4.674.67 stars  3 votes
When the Sea-Kings Away4.504.50 stars  2 votes
Stardock4.504.50 stars  2 votes
Fritz Leiber Selected Stories4.504.50 stars  2 votes
The Cloud of Hate4.504.50 stars  2 votes
Ill Met in Lankhmar4.444.44 stars  9 votes
The Bleak Shore4.404.40 stars  5 votes
The Unholy Grail4.404.40 stars  5 votes
Their Mistress The Sea4.334.33 stars  3 votes
The Snow Women4.334.33 stars  9 votes
The Price of Pain-Ease4.334.33 stars  9 votes
Induction4.334.33 stars  3 votes
Smoke Ghost4.204.20 stars  5 votes
Conjure Wife4.004.00 stars  1 votes
Trapped in the Sea of Stars4.004.00 stars  1 votes
The Frost Monstreme4.004.00 stars  1 votes
The Dreams of Albert Moreland4.004.00 stars  1 votes
Nights Black Agents4.004.00 stars  1 votes
The Two Best Thieves in Lankhmar4.004.00 stars  1 votes
Gather Darkness4.004.00 stars  1 votes
Swords in the Mist4.004.00 stars  1 votes
The Big Time4.004.00 stars  3 votes
The Dealings of Daniel Kesserich4.004.00 stars  1 votes
The Knight and Knave of Swords4.004.00 stars  1 votes
Swords Against Wizardry4.004.00 stars  1 votes
Trapped in the Shadowland4.004.00 stars  1 votes
The Lords of Quarmall4.004.00 stars  1 votes
The Power of the Puppets4.004.00 stars  2 votes
Swords and Ice Magic4.004.00 stars  1 votes
Under the Thumbs of the Gods4.004.00 stars  1 votes
Cry Witch4.004.00 stars  3 votes
Diary in the Snow4.004.00 stars  1 votes
Adepts Gambit4.004.00 stars  3 votes
Swords and Deviltry4.004.00 stars  1 votes
The Phantom Slayer4.004.00 stars  2 votes
Rime Isle4.004.00 stars  1 votes
The Mouser Goes Below4.004.00 stars  1 votes
The Circle Curse4.004.00 stars  3 votes
The Curse of the Smalls and the Stars4.004.00 stars  1 votes
Lean Times in Lankhmar4.004.00 stars  7 votes
Lie Still Snow White4.004.00 stars  1 votes
The Man Who Never Grew Young4.004.00 stars  1 votes
The Howling Tower3.673.67 stars  3 votes
Claws from the Night3.603.60 stars  5 votes
The Wrong Branch3.503.50 stars  2 votes
Spider Mansion3.003.00 stars  1 votes
The Hill and the Hole3.003.00 stars  1 votes
The Green Millennium3.003.00 stars  1 votes
The Silver Eggheads3.003.00 stars  1 votes
Sanity3.003.00 stars  1 votes
Sea Magic3.003.00 stars  1 votes
The Seven Black Priests3.003.00 stars  3 votes
The Mer She3.003.00 stars  1 votes
Game for Motel Room3.003.00 stars  1 votes
The Childhood and Youth of the Gray Mouser3.003.00 stars  1 votes
Beauty and the Beasts2.002.00 stars  1 votes
The Bait2.002.00 stars  1 votes
Strange Wonders0.000.00 stars  0 votes
The Worlds of Fritz Leiber0.000.00 stars  0 votes
The Leiber Chronicles0.000.00 stars  0 votes
The Mind Spider and Other Stories0.000.00 stars  0 votes
The Second Book of Fritz Leiber0.000.00 stars  0 votes
In the X-Ray0.000.00 stars  0 votes
The Secret Songs0.000.00 stars  0 votes
The Wanderer0.000.00 stars  0 votes
A Specter is Haunting Texas0.000.00 stars  0 votes
Destiny Times Three0.000.00 stars  0 votes
Tarzan and the Valley of Gold0.000.00 stars  0 votes
The Sinful Ones0.000.00 stars  0 votes
Alice and the Allergy0.000.00 stars  0 votes
Business of Killing0.000.00 stars  0 votes
Changewar0.000.00 stars  0 votes
The Book of Fritz Leiber0.000.00 stars  0 votes
They Never Come Back0.000.00 stars  0 votes
Ships to the Stars0.000.00 stars  0 votes
Taboo0.000.00 stars  0 votes
The Lion and the Lamb0.000.00 stars  0 votes
Thought0.000.00 stars  0 votes
The Ship Sails at Midnight0.000.00 stars  0 votes
The Automatic Pistol0.000.00 stars  0 votes
The Hound0.000.00 stars  0 votes
The Black Ewe0.000.00 stars  0 votes
Mr. Bauer and the Atoms0.000.00 stars  0 votes
Ship of Shadows0.000.00 stars  0 votes
Martians Keep Out0.000.00 stars  0 votes
A Pail of Air0.000.00 stars  0 votes
Let Freedom Ring0.000.00 stars  0 votes
The Night of the Wolf0.000.00 stars  0 votes
Horrible Imaginings0.000.00 stars  0 votes
Night Monsters0.000.00 stars  0 votes
Shadows With Eyes0.000.00 stars  0 votes
To Make a Roman Holiday0.000.00 stars  0 votes


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