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You do not have to edit the WIKI to be involved. Simple and little things help to keep this a living document and improve everyone's experiences. If that is your speed, please try one of the “Simple Stuff” suggestions below. On the other hand, if you would like to become a contributor, take a look at the “More Involved but More Rewarding” section. After that, create an account to get started. One last option is to become a supporter at Patreon to help pay for server fees.

Many Thanks!

Srith of the Scrolls

Easy Stuff

  • Rate a Story — Every Leiber story that I have written a synopsis for has a rating widget at the bottom of the page. Whenever you read a story, come here and give it a rating. This will help others who are trying to decide what to read.
  • Start a Conversation (or add to one) — Every Leiber story I have written a synopsis for has a comment engine at the bottom of the page where you start a discussion or participate in one. Ask questions; give insights, just stay on topic.

More Involved but More Rewarding

Wiki Entries

  • Add directly to the WIKI

Wiki entries are under the Creative Commons license.

Individual Contributions

  • Contribute Fan Art
  • Contribute Fan Fiction
  • Contribute an Article
  • Contribute an RPG Adventure

All contributions will receive full credit and will retain their ownership.

Create an Account

Become a Patron

  • Help defray monthly server fees by supporting the Scrolls through Patreon. (Feel free to ignore the $5 default. A dollar a month or a one-time pledge is much appreciated.)
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