People of Nehwon - V

Vellix the Venturer

Vellix the Venturer was a merchant who visited Cold Corner during the story of the Snow Women. He brought brandy from Klelg Nar which he traded for amber and snow-gems. He wore a black turban and sported a black mustache. He had a habit of slipping in and out of notice and often eavesdropped on conversations. His father was a man of the Eight Cities who rode with the Mingols.

Vellix helped Vlana escape an abduction attempt in Cold Corner and her subsequent flight. Unfortunately, he was killed by an arrow to the back–loosed by Hringorl's henchman, Hrey–and finished by Hringorl's axe.


  • The Snow Women

Vilis was a fellow thief of Vlana's, who worked together in Lankhmar as freelancers called the 'Dark Duo'. As females, they were not allowed to be guild thieves. For the crime of being a freelancer, Vilis was strangled to death at the hands of the Thieves' Guild.



Vlek was considered one of the Thieves' Guild's top operatives in the time of The Two Best Thieves in Lankhmar. However, the Mouser found reason to criticize him as Vlek's shoes creaked faintly while he was attending the informal evening meeting of thieves at the intersection of Silver Street and the Street of the Gods.



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