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 //​Stories://​ //​Stories://​
-  * [[:​oeuvre:​fiction:​shortstories:​]]+  * [[:​oeuvre:​fiction:​shortstories:​TheFrostMonstreme]] 
 +  * [[oeuvre:​fiction:​shortstories:​themousergoesbelow]] 
 +Pshawri is the Gray Mouser'​s son. He was born to Freg, who was the body maid to the dancer Ivlis. The Mouser seduced her a couple of weeks after the events of the story Thieves'​ House, even though Fafhrd and Freg were romantically involved and the two were taking things slow. His relationship to the Mouser was not revealed to either of them until the of The Mouser Goes Below. Pshawri served under the Mouser since The Frost Monstreme.
 {{stub}} {{stub}}