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 ======People of Nehwon====== ======People of Nehwon======
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 [[G|Gis]], [[G|Gis]],
 [[G|Giscorl]],​ [[G|Giscorl]],​
-[[Glavas Rho]],+[[GlavasRho|Glavas Rho]],
 [[G|Glinthi the Artificer]],​ [[G|Glinthi the Artificer]],​
 [[G|Glipkerio Kistomerces]],​ [[G|Glipkerio Kistomerces]],​
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 [[GrayMouser|Gray Mouser]], [[GrayMouser|Gray Mouser]],
 [[G|Grig]], [[G|Grig]],
 [[G|Groniger]],​ [[G|Groniger]],​
 [[G|Gwaay]],​ [[G|Gwaay]],​
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 [[I|Ivlis]],​ [[I|Ivlis]],​
 [[I|Ivmiss Ovartamortes]],​ [[I|Ivmiss Ovartamortes]],​
 +[[J|Jengao the Gem Merchant]],
 [[K|Karl Treuherz]], [[K|Karl Treuherz]],
 [[K|Karstak Ovartamortes]],​ [[K|Karstak Ovartamortes]],​
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 [[K|Klute]],​ [[K|Klute]],​
 [[K|Krannarch]],​ [[K|Krannarch]],​
 [[K|Kreshmar]],​ [[K|Kreshmar]],​
 [[K|Krovas]],​ [[K|Krovas]],​
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 [[R|Rill]], [[R|Rill]],
 [[R|Rivis Rightby]], [[R|Rivis Rightby]],
 [[S|Samanda]],​ [[S|Samanda]],​
 [[Sheelba|Sheelba of the Eyeless Face]], [[Sheelba|Sheelba of the Eyeless Face]],
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 [[S|Skullick]],​ [[S|Skullick]],​
 [[S|Skwee]],​ [[S|Skwee]],​
 [[S|Slevyas]],​ [[S|Slevyas]],​
 [[S|Slinoor]],​ [[S|Slinoor]],​
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 [[V|Vilis]],​ [[V|Vilis]],​
 [[Vlana]], [[Vlana]],
 [[W|Wiggin]],​ [[W|Wiggin]],​
 [[Z|Zax]], [[Z|Zax]],
 [[Z|Zizzi]],​ [[Z|Zizzi]],​
 [[Z|Zwaaken]] [[Z|Zwaaken]]