Nalgron was known as the Legend Breaker among the Snow Clan. He enjoyed conquering the vast mountaintops of the Cold Waste. His mountain conquests included Gran Hanack, White Fang, and the Ice queen among others. He met his end when a great cold shattered his rope while climbing White Fang. Fafhrd believed Mor's magic was responsible.

Nalgron's grave is located at Cold Corner and is buried next to a dead snow oak scarred by a lightning bolt. His widow, Mor, pitches her tent over his grave every winter when the Snow Clan stays at Cold Corner. Mor pitches the tent over the grave to complete her domination over Nalron now that he is dead.

The Snow WomenNalgron was clad and cloaked in ice-bear furs of the whitest with pins and chains and wristlets and rings of purest silver, and there was silver also in his hair, which troubled Fafhrd. In his left hand he held a silver goblet, which at intervals he touched to his lips, but he kept his eating hand under his cloak.

Nalgron was discoursing wisely, tolerantly, almost tenderly of many matters. He directed his gaze here and there around the table, yet spoke so quietly that Fafhrd knew his conversation was directed at his son alone.