Each Snow Woman, usually with the aid of the rest, worked to maintain absolute control of her man, though leaving him seemingly free, and it was whispered that recalcitrant husbands had been injured and even slain, generally by some frigid instrumentality. While at the same time witchy cliques and individual sorceresses played against each other a power game in which the brawniest and boldest of men, even chiefs and priests, were but counters.

Mor was Fafhrd's mother and chiefest among the coven of Snow Women of the Snow Clan. She was a snow witch, and with her coven, controlled the elements of cold, such as ice and snow, and all that follows those, the masses of snow-laden trees, slipperiness, daggers of ice, and avalanches. Their eyes were reputed to be hypnotic, and Mor herself was believed to be able to read minds at a distance. Although not outwardly flashy, the powers of the Snow Women were subtle and sinister. They conjured their magics by working as a coven, chanting continuously to incant their charms.

Fafhrd believed that she killed his father, Nalgron, with her Ice Magic, and she herself hinted at it many times. Nalgron would venture off to climb all the mountains that called to him–mountains like Gran Hanack, White Fang, and the Ice Queen. She was so spiteful of her husband's occasional forays of freedom, that she always pitched her tent on his grave when they came annually down to Cold Corner.

“Whenever he saw a tall mountain, he climbed her, obeying no one but himself,” Fafhrd contradicted. “Yes, and died doing so!” Mor cried, her masterfulness controlling grief and anger without hiding them. Fafhrd said hardly, “Whence came the great cold that shattered his rope and pick on White Fang?”

Mor was a cold woman with a heart of ice. She used her magic–and a mother's guilt–to control her son as well. Ultimately, her manipulations, along with Fafhrd's bride-to-be, Mara's, designs on their future, the confining nature of the clan, and the weight of being a soon-to-be father, grew to a menace that Fafhrd ran from, and flew to civilization along with the culture dancer, Vlana. But not before Mor and her coven cast a tingly, icy web of snow crystals over their path to trap and freeze them from being able to leave Cold Corner.