Fingers is the daughter of Fafhrd. She was born to Friska, who along with her friend, Ivivis, had escaped the underground city of Quarmall with the help of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. Pregnant with Fingers, Friska settled in Tovilyis with Ivivis, and both women joined the Guild of Free Women there. After the guild fell upon hard times, Friska and Fingers resettled in Ilthmar and worked as weavers. At some point, Fingers was kidnapped–or perhaps sold to–the ship, Weasel, where she was kept prisoner and was forced into sexual slavery as the ship's cabingirl. At the port in Rime Isle, she was able to escape and find safety with Afreyt and Cif who had the ship searched and sent away under the pretense of boreworm infestation. At this point in time, none of these characters were aware of the father-daughter relationship.

As events turned out, Fingers had been hypnotized by an agent of Quarmall, and her mom–but it is unknown with what volition her mom acted under–to unconsciously seek out Fafhrd at Rime Isle and kill him with a Quarmallian death spell which she thought was a sleeping spell. Only by the Mouser's underground adventure that brought him to spy upon Quarmal and his son, was the assassination plot thwarted. By the end of the story, Fingers is now known by everyone to be Fafhrd's daughter.

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