Son of Nalgron, the Legend Breaker, and Mor, leader of the Snow Women, Fafhrd was born and raised in the Snow Clan in the Cold Waste beneath the Trollstep Mountains. At the age of eighteen, Fafhrd left the Snow Clan with Vlana the actress for the city of Lankhmar. Fafhrd stole from guild thieves as part of his promise to Vlana to avenge the death of her friend and former partner in thievery, Vilis, and her miming teacher, Hinerio.

Vlana, along with Gray Mouser’s Ivrian, was murdered by the magic of Hristomilo, his familiar, Slivikin, and summoned rats as vengeance for the theft of gems from two guild thieves by Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. The twain have been comrades ever since.

Origin Story: