Duke Janarrl


Cruel, hateful, and sadistic, Duke Janarrl ruled his duchy somewhere in the forests south of Lankhmar in the Land of Lankhmar. The duke had a daughter named Ivrian who he humiliated and abused emotionally since the death of his wife. He did, however, hint to her that she was the illegitimate daughter of his late wife and a hedge-wizard named Glavas Rho.

His late wife was said to be fearless and hunted wild boar with the men. He feared his wife in life and continued to do so in death, and would attempt to pass along that fear to Ivrian to boost his own courage.

The Unholy GrailA second rider appeared in the glade and the Duke’s small yellow eyes clouded under the tangled brows. He drank deep and wiped his lips with the back of his sleeve. The huntsmen were warily closing their spear-wall on the boar, which lay rigid but with head lifted a finger’s breadth off the turf, its only movements the darting of its gaze from side to side and the pulse of bright blood from its shoulder. The spear-wall was about to close when Janarrl waved the huntsmen to a halt.

“Ivrian!” he called harshly to the newcomer. “You had two chances at the beast, but you flinched. Your cursed dead mother would already have sliced thin and tasted the beast’s raw heart.”

The Duke either killed Glavas Rho or had his men murder the wizard. The Duke then met his own death by the black sorceries of Glavas Rho’s apprentice, Mouse. Mouse used the Duke’s own fear of his late wife to open a channel where his own suffering on the rack was transferred back to the Duke.