People of Nehwon - A



Afreyt is a councilwoman and secretary of Rime Isle and a priestess of Skama, the Moon Goddess. She is also the woman that Fafhrd finally settles down within the later stories. Afreyt has three nieces/cousins (?), May, Mara, and Gale who are acolytes of the Moon Goddess. They are referred to as cousins in the story, “Rime Isle”, but later as nieces in “The Mouser Goes Below”.

Alyx the Picklock

Arvlan of Angarngi


Arvlan of Angarngi was the ninth lineal descendant of Urgaan of Angarngi. He met his death while trying destroy the treasure of his ancestor which was a cunning and evil trap set for unwary men.

Arvlan was a pious man and a devout follower of the Great God. He believed the Great God would protect him as he walked through the House of Angarngi which was Urgaan’s trap and Arvlan’s ultimate end.



Atya was the domineering wife of Muulsh the Moneylender, and also led a secret life as high-priestess of the ancient cult of Tyaa, the Bird Goddess. The cult terrorized Lankhmar for three moons before Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser broke up the cult. Atya was last seen diving out of the high-tower window of the temple of Tyaa along with the Birds of Tyaa. Atya either fell to her death in the Hlal or flew off with the Birds of Tyaa to the Mountains of Darkness. The twain are not sure which.

Atya was a child when she first set foot in the forbidden tower that stood next to her father’s house on one side and the river Hlal on the other. She felt a kinship to the place and soon discovered a wounded bird hiding in the tower. The bird was descendant of one of the birds of Tyaa that fled Lankhmar to the Mountains of Darkness when Tyaa was originally banished from the city.

Atya took care of the bird and nursed it back to health. Together they re-learned the ways of the priesthood and performed the ancient rituals. Slowly other birds returned until the cult had enough strength to terrorize Lankhmar.



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