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Nehwon Gazetteer

Thieves' Guild

Ill Met in LankhmarAlmost the first law of the Thieves' Guild was never kill the hen that laid brown eggs with a ruby in the yolk, or white eggs with a diamond in the white.

Guild Policies

  • Freelance Thieving: The penalty is death.
    • … that their penalty for freelance or even unassigned thieving within the walls of Lankhmar and for three leagues outside them is nothing less than death, after torture if happily that can be achieved.
    • … the Guild has locals in all other cities and major towns of this land, not to mention agreements including powers of extradition with robber and bandit organizations in other countries.
  • Women in the guild: Women are not allowed in the guild or in Thieves' House.
  • Threats against the guild: Malicious attacks on her person, blows directed at the organization, the Guild requites tenfold what she does other rule-breakings.
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