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The Hates

Stories: The Cloud of Hate

The Cult of the Hates is able to summon forth a manifestation of their combined hate to do their bidding. The manifestation takes the form of ectoplasmic tendrils that resemble fog but with a red tinge. It is able to travel the streets of Lankhmar with but a long silvery-red thread leading back to the Temple of the Hates.

It is able to control the minds of hateful men that it meets up with. It can also fight on its own by picking up weapons with its tendrils and seeing through a large red disk that it can form for an eye.

The worshipers of the Hates numbered five thousand during the story “The Cloud of Hate”.

The Cloud of HateThe masked Archpriest of the Hates lifted a skinny finger. Parchment-thin iron cymbals began to clash in unison with the drums and the furnace-red flickerings, wringing to an unendurable pitch the malices and envies of the blackly enraptured communicants.

Then in the gloom of that great slitlike hall, dim pale tendrils began to rise from the dark hummocky ground of the bent backs, as though a white, swift-growing ghost-grass had been seeded there. The tendrils, which in another world might have been described as ectoplasmic, quickly multiplied, thickened, lengthened, and then coalesced into questing white serpentine shapes, so that it seemed as if tongues of thick river-fog had come licking down into this subcellar from the broad-flowing river Hlal.

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