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Nehwon Gazetteer

Money of Nehwon

There are many forms of coinage across Nehwon. The following are mentioned in the stories:

  • In the Bazaar of the Bizarre, the Gray Mouser pays for the illusionary goods with Pennies. They are described as large copper coins.
  • Gold and Electrum are mentioned in The Cloud of Hate.
  • In Lean Times in Lankhmar, the author lists the coinage of Lankhmar in order of value: Iron Tik, Bronze Agol, Silver Smerduk, Gold Rilk, and the Diamond in Amber Gluditch.
  • In The Swords of Lankhmar, Fafhrd receives payment for a bet in golden Kvarch Nar Gronts.
  • Some of the coinage on Rime Isle consists of Rime Isle Silver, and Rime Isle Doubloons.
  • Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser pay for their docking fees at Rime Isle with Sarheenmar Doubloons, Lankhmar Rilks, and Rime Isle Gold in the story Rime Isle.
  • In The Curse of the Smalls and the Stars, we learn that Eastern Half-Pennies and Iron Tiks are very small coins. Also, a wager is made on a backgammon game of one Gold Rilk to two Silver Smerduks. This may give some basis to determine the relative worth of the mentioned coins.
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