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Lankhmar is known by many names. City of Seven-Score Thousand Smokes, City of the Black Toga, or if you wish to be blasphemous, City of the stinking black bones!


Due to Lankhmar’s proximity to the Inner Sea, the River Hlal, and the Salt Marsh to the east, Lankhmar is plagued with all sorts of fogs and night-smogs from all the night-time smoke. It is not known as the City of Seven-Score Thousand Smokes for nothing. It also sees plenty of storms. The land to the south is hot during the summer.


At the root of Lankhmar’s wealth is grain. Vast grain fields occupy the fertile lands to the south of the city. All harvested grain is brought to Lankhmar and stored in grain towers where it is to be sold by grain merchants. Government:

The overlord is the ruler of Lankhmar. Succession is by hereditary line, although coups are not unheard of. There is, in addition, an Inner Council and a War Council. Presumably, these bodies assist the overlord in the running of the government and the military. The overlord rules not over just the city, Lankhmar, but over the entire Land of Lankhmar.


Over a millennium ago, Lankhmar’s empire ruled from Quarmall to the Trollsteps, Earth’s End to the Sea of Monsters, and Kvarch Nar was known as Hwarsh Mar. The city itself has stood on its current ground for over three-score centuries. Lankhmar is the oldest and grandest city in Nehwon, and is the height of civilization. It is almost also the most decadent, but that honor goes to the Empire of Eevanmarensee which is far-grown into the future.


Lankhmar has an army, navy, and marines. There are regiments kept throughout the Land of Lankhmar. Tovilyis, Kartishla, and Land’s End have been known to house them. The city’s soldiery is housed in the South and North Barracks.

Lankhmar’s army has seen campaigns against Mingols and Mirphians. They have been successful against the spear-squares of King Krimaxius and his fortressed elephants. They have also fought against non-human foes such as the black behemoth and leviathan. The Rat Plague, however, was not their finest hour.




Streets of Lankhmar

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