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Nehwon Gazetteer

Alcohols of Nehwon

You can't have stories about down-to-earth heroes who enjoy the various pleasures in life without mentioning the imbibing of alcohol, and indeed you’ll never have trouble finding a tavern in Lankhmar. Here are some of the alcohols mentioned in the stories, and a good chance to add more color to your game.

  1. We first hear about white snow potato brandy of Fafhrd’s snow-clan. It is apparently a heady drink.
  2. There is the bubbly wine of Ilthmar which is mentioned in at least a couple of stories.
  3. We find out in The Cloud of Hate that the strong wine of Tovilyis has a high sugar content.
  4. The wine of Quarmall is mentioned a couple of times, and in one reference it is said that the mushroom wine of Quarmall fosters visions.
  5. We also learn about the light wine of Ilthmar. Presumably this is a different offering than their bubbly wine.
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