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 +======The Land of Nehwon by Jim Cawthorn======
 +//Framed photo of the original The Land of Nehwon by Jim Cawthorn//
 +Many thanks to David Howarth for letting The Scrolls use a photo of his original //The Land of Nehwon// map by Jim Cawthorn. ​ David won the map in an auction of the George Scithers estate. ​ George Scithers was the editor of the fanzine Amra.  The map was originally reproduced in the December, 1961 issue of Amra (#​18). ​ It has since been used both in color and in black and white in many different editions of the Fafhrd and Gray Mouser books. ​ The D&D and ""​RuneQuest""​ Nehwon maps are also based on this original.