Languages of Nehwon

Many groups of people live and travel the lands of Nehwon, whether for trade or for adventure, but how do they communicate with each other? The following languages are mentioned in the stories. We can probably assume, however, that many more are spoken than are mentioned.

  • High Lankhmarese
  • Low Lankhmarese is the trading language of the northern world.
  • Mingol
  • Ilthmarish
  • Kvarchish
  • Quarmallian
  • Old Ghoulish, which is no longer spoken by ghouls. Modern ghouls speak Lankhmarese.
  • Desert-talk
  • Rimic, the language of Rime Isle
  • Forest Tongue
  • Three Eastern tongues, which are not specified.

Even though we never hear the Kleshites speak in the story The Seven Black Priests we can probably assume that they have their own language. If that is the case, shall we call it Kleshese or perhaps Kleshian?

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