Guilds of Lankhmar

Assassins’ Guild


The Assassins’ Guild is a subset of the Slayers’ Brotherhood.

Beggars' Guild

Guild of the Grain Merchants

The Guild of the Grain Merchants is indubitably one of Lankhmar’s wealthiest and most powerful guilds as the grain trade is Lankhmar’s chiefest source of wealth. They were known to trick local farmers out of their plots of land and form vast areas of slave-worked farmland.

Pimps' Guild

The Pimps' Guild disdains freelance females.

Slayers’ Brotherhood

Mercenaries for hire belong to the Slayers’ Brotherhood in Lankhmar. The Brotherhood also contains the Assassins’ Guild among it’s members.

Sorcerers’ Guild

Thieves' Guild

Whores’ Guild

The Thieves’ Guild sometimes hires out women from the Whores’ Guild by the half-hour when they need females for a mission.

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