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from The Big Time… But the Place is strictly on the Big Time and everybody that should know tells me that time traveling through the Big Time is out. It’s this way: the Big Time is a train, and the Little Time is the countryside and we’re on the train, unless we go out a Door, and as Gertie Stein might put it, you can’t time travel through the time you time travel in when you time travel.

Change War Glossary

  • Big Time – the space-time that exists outside the Cosmos through which one can travel to any point in normal time.
  • Change Death – the death of a Doubleganger caused by their Lifeline’s death being shifted before their resurrection.
  • Change Winds – the propagation of a change in real time throughout real time and the Big Time.
  • Conservation of Reality – Time or history’s natural resistance to change. When the past is changed, the future changes only enough to adjust.
  • Cosmos – normal space-time.
  • Demon – a self-aware or awakened Doubleganger.
  • Door – a temporary connection between the Cosmos and the Big Time.
  • Doubleganger – someone who both exists with a Lifeline in the Cosmos and outside the Cosmos in the Big Time.
  • Express Room – a Place used for deploying soldiers into the Cosmos.
  • Introversion – a method of disconnecting a Place not just from the Cosmos but from the rest of the Big Time. Used as a form of scuttling.
  • Ghost – an unaware or unawakened Doubleganger.
  • Ghostgirl – a female ghost kept at Recuperation Stations to pair up with soldiers.
  • Lifeline – the time between a person’s birth and death in the Cosmos. A person’s Lifeline is not immutable.
  • Little Time – normal time.
  • Major Maintainer – a device that maintains the existence of a Place inside the Void. It also controls the Door.
  • Minor Maintainer – a device that maintains all the life support systems in a Place, including sectional gravity.
  • Place – a Place is a pocket of Big Time that exists in the Void. It can connect to the Cosmos through a Door.
  • Recuperation Station – a Place where soldiers go for R&R.
  • Resurrection – the point in time where a Doubleganger has been separated from their Lifeline.
  • Unborn – a person in the Cosmos whose Lifeline is in the future.
  • Void – the space between the Cosmos and the Big Time.
  • Zombie – a person in the Cosmos whose Lifeline is in the past.
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