The Seven Black Priests

Published: 1953


Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser steal the eye of an idol and incur the wrath of seven black priests while crossing through the Bones of the Old Ones north of the Cold Waste. The eye of the idol is a smooth, globular, sparkling diamond spanning just over the width of the Gray Mouser’s fingers.

The twain are ambushed and attacked by each of the seven priests one by one as they continue traveling across the frozen land. The priests are creative in their attempts to ambush the duo. The last attack involves three of the priests with spears and an ice-lance skiing down a plain of green ice after the two. Combat continues even as all the skiers speed through the mist-covered bottom of the valley.

All the priests are eventually defeated. However, there is a greater and more cunning danger left. The blood and flesh of Nehwon wish to rise again! And the eye of Nehwon will see it done!


Nehwon Gazetteer


Lavas Laerk.


Year of the Monsters


Bones of the Old Ones, Cold Waste, Great Salt Marsh, Jungles of Klesh & Outer Sea.




The Dog Star

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