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 ======The Mer She====== ======The Mer She======
-=====Characters=====+===== Nehwon Gazetteer ​===== 
 Afreyt, Cif, Ississi, Lord Logben, Ourph, Skor, Trenchi. Afreyt, Cif, Ississi, Lord Logben, Ourph, Skor, Trenchi.
 No-Ombrulsk,​ Ool Hrusp, Ool Plerns, Salthaven. No-Ombrulsk,​ Ool Hrusp, Ool Plerns, Salthaven.
-=====Distance===== +====Distance==== 
-No-Ombrulsk is days and nights sail from Rime Isle.+No-Ombrulsk is five days and nights sail from Rime Isle.
 Ool Hruspian Grape. Ool Hruspian Grape.
 Bones of the Old Ones. Bones of the Old Ones.
 Odin. Odin.
 Electrum. Electrum.
 The Behemoth, Deep Rusher. The Behemoth, Deep Rusher.
 +=====Rate The Mer She=====
 +{(rater>​id=61|name=The Mer She|type=rate|headline=off)}