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The Creature From Cleveland Depths

aka The Lone Wolf

Published: 1962

Project Gutenberg, WoodCleveland Depths, USA - Phones are no thicker than a pancake and can fit in your pocket, and they're wireless too. But this is a minor thing. Thanks to an idea by Gusterson, an inner-directed, insanity-novelist who lives on the surface, Micro Systems has developed a miniaturized personal assistant that reminds people of appointments, when to take their medicine, to watch a TV show, and just about anything they want it to–and they carry this device around with them, on their person all the time. Advances in technology are such that new models come out rapidly and the devices are so popular that everyone has to have the latest.

Does this sound familiar?

But wait . . . with each new model, the devices do more and more . . . much more . . .

PDAs are taking over popular culture–and this story was published in 1962. Let me repeat that, 1 9 6 2.


Public Domain

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