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Lie Still, Snow White

Published in 1964.


TabooArchie, opens up and tells his much desired Vivian, all about his life growing up with his “warped and cowardly urge”, his bewilderment at society's sexual repression, his fear of sex and intimacy with a living women, all with an unexpected frankness.

Lie Still, Snow White appeared in the anthology, Taboo, which claims to contain Seven Short Stories which No Publisher Would Touch from Seven Leading Writers.1)


  • Snow White, Sleeping Beauty
  • Oscar Wilde “Each man kills the thing he loves.”2)
  • Percy Bysshe Shelley
  • Edgar Allen Poe stories: Premature Burial, The Oblong Box, Usher, Berenice, Ligeia.
  • Persephone from Greek mythology.

Pet Themes

  • Sex




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