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Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Stories

Thieves' House

Published: 1943


The importance of honoring the dead could be said to be the lesson of Thieves’ House. For even in death, the dead can be jealous and vengeful.

The Thieves’ Guild decides to hire out Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser to help them steal back the skull and hands of their dead master thief, Omphal, from the crypt of the priests of Votishal. Fafhrd is needed in order to best the ferocious beast reputed to guard the crypt, and the Gray Mouser is the only thief available to the guild cunning enough to defeat the triple-locked door.

The guild-thief Fissif is put in charge of the operation as he is very talented in double-crossing, and when the opportunity is right he runs off with the loot to Thieves’ House with the twain on his heels.

The story starts in earnest with Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser entering Thieves’ House shortly after Fissif. They make it up to the guild master’s room only in time to discover the guild master, Krovas, has been choked to death and witness a woman with red hair escaping through a hidden passage with the skull. Indentations mark Krovas’ throat, however, they are more claw-like than human.


Nehwon Gazetteer


Months in order: Serpent, Owl.


Fissif, Hristomilo, Ivlis, Ivrian, Krovas, Laavyan, Moolsh, Ohmphal, Slevyas, Vlana.




Cold Waste, Eastern Lands, Inner Sea, Land of Lankhmar.


The Dead Master Thieves, Kos, Votishal.


Thieves’ Guild.


House of Ivlis, The Silver Eel, Thieves’ House.

Streets of Lankhmar

Cheap Street, Street of the Silk Merchants.

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