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Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Stories

The Two Best Thieves in Lankhmar

Published: 1968

Through the mazy avenues and alleys of the great city of Lankhmar, Night was a-slink, though not yet grown tall enough to whirl her black star-studded cloak across the sky, which still showed pale, towering wraiths of sunset.


Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser are recently back in Lankhmar from their northern trip and expedition of climbing the mountain Stardock. For their return trip, the princesses Hirriwi and Keyaira made a gift to them a pouch full of star gems–gems that are invisible by daylight but glow in brilliant colors by night. By the time the twain had made it back to Lankhmar, they had had a falling out and split their take in half to seek out buyers. The two encounter each other one evening on the intersection of Silver Street and the Street of the Gods, where habitually meet the junior executives and star operatives of the Thieves' Guild, as well as aristocratic amateur thieves, and bold freelancers. As the two assess the congregation, they congratulate each other as being the two best thieves in Lankhmar. Afterward, they each separate to make their appointments with their sought out fences, one Nemia of the Dusk, and a neighboring fence, Ogo the Blind. Back in the Silver Eel afterward they then discover who really are the two best thieves in Lankhmar.

Nehwon Gazetteer


Alyx the Picklock, Countess Kronia of the Seventy-seven Secret Pockets, Dickon, Eyes of Ogo, Glipkerio, Grom, Hirriwi, Hisvin, Keyaira, Nemia of the Dusk, Ogo the Blind, Prince Gwaay, Prince Hasjarl, Slevyas, Snarve, Tork the Cutpurse, Vlek.


Ilthmar, Quarmall.


Cold Wastes, Eastern Lands, Great Rift Valley, Inner Sea.


The Golden Lamprey, the Grain Gate, The Silver Eel, the shop of Ogo the Blind, the shop of Nemia of the Dusk.

Streets of Lankhmar

Silver Street, Street of the Gods.

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