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Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Stories

The Sunken Land

Published: 1942


Fafhrd unwittingly finds himself as an oarsman and member of a raiding party of Northerners sailing on a doomed galley in search of the land of Simorgya. The galley and crew captained by Lavas Laerk have all, excepting a lone Mingol slave, sworn an oath of silence until the shore of Simorgya is sighted.

Fafhrd’s people used to go on raiding parties to Simorgya a long time ago before Simorgya sank under the sea. The last raiding parties at that time never found Simorgya.

Lavas Laerk and crew sight Simorgya and crash upon its shore. Determined to pillage Simorgya’s treasure they excitedly venture into a cavern forcing Fafhrd along with them as a prisoner. As if under some eldritch spell, Fafhrd marches along with them but not without observing signs that the cavern has up to now been submerged.

Treasure is found! But so is a locked door. A door that should not be opened. A door with a lock that matches a key which was taken from Fafhrd by Lavas Laerk. A door that has up to now been submerged under the stygian depths of the Outer Sea.


Nehwon Gazetteer


Lavas Laerk.


Land of Lankhmar, Outer Sea, Simorgya.

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