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Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Stories


Published: 1965


  • Glinthi the Artificer


  • Month of the Weasel



Nehwon Gazetteer


Gran Hanack, The Hint, Mountains of the Giants, Obelisk Polaris, Ripsaw, Stardock, Tusk, White Fang.

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DanGUEST: Dan, 2020/11/10 20:43

This story mentions the Month of the Weasel and Glinthi the Artificer.

“The black tool, on which Glinthi the Artificer had expended all the evenings of the Month of the Weasel three years past, vanished into the silvery snowfall and space.”

Charles Fewlasssrithofthescrolls, 2021/06/03 11:19

Thanks, Dan. I’ll update the page. BTW, if you wanted, you could create an account and do edits directly. We’d love to have you and your eye for details such as these. I also appreciate that you included the quote. Cheers, Charles

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