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Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Stories

Lean Times in Lankhmar

Published: 1959


Times are tough in Lankhmar and Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser end up going their separate ways. No one is quite sure whether there was a falling out between the comrades or their split was simply the result of their respective life-paths going off in different directions.

Both heroes give up their lives of adventure and settle down each in their own way. Fafhrd adopts the life of an ascetic and becomes an acolyte of a half-senile priest of a little-known god named Issek of the Jug. He breaks his longsword, gives up strong drink and women, grows skinny, and starts telling the adventures of Issek of the Jug to now growing crowds using a tenor pitched voice from his training as a singing skald from his youth.

The Gray Mouser becomes a lieutenant to a racketeer named Pulg who extorts small religions. He grows lazy and fat and is often accompanied with ever-slimmer dancing girls along with Pulg’s bullies.

This is a story about the bonds of friendship–a friendship tested as Issek of the Jug becomes more popular with Fafhrd’s tales and is on a collision course with the Gray Mouser and Pulg’s racketeers.

Lean Times in Lankhmar is a fan favorite and is also a great source of information on religion in Lankhmar and of the famous Street of the Gods–Lankhmar’s own final testing grounds for any god that wants to call him or herself a god in the world of Nehwon.


Nehwon Gazetteer


Basharat, Bwadres. Grilli, Ilala, Lessnya, Muulsh the Moneylender, Ningauble, Ourph the Mingol, Pulg, Quatch, Sheelba, Srith of the Scrolls, Zizzi.




Cold Waste, Eastern Lands, Great Eastern Desert, Great Salt Marsh, Inner Sea, Land of the Eight Cities, Outer Sea, River Hlal, Sinking Lands, Trollstep Mountains.


Aarth, Gods of Lankhmar, Ilala, Issek of the Jug, Isseks, Other.


Marsh Gate, Temple of Aarth, Temple of the Gods of Lankhmar.

Streets of Lankhmar

Street of the Gods.

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