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Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Stories

Ill Met in Lankhmar

Published: 1970

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser faced each other across the two thieves sprawled senseless. They were poised for attack, yet for the moment neither moved.

Each discerned something inexplicably familiar in the other.

Fafhrd said, “Our motives for being here seem identical.”

“Seem? Surely must be!” the Mouser answered curtly, fiercely eyeing this potential new foe, who was taller by a head than the tall thief.

“You said?”

“I said, ‘Seem? Surely must be!’”

“How civilized of you!” Fafhrd commented in pleased tones.

“Civilized?” the Mouser demanded suspiciously, gripping his dirk tighter.

“To care, in the eye of action, exactly what’s said,” Fafhrd explained. Without letting the Mouser out of his vision, he glanced down. His gaze traveled from the belt and pouch of one fallen thief to those of the other. Then he looked up at the Mouser with a broad, ingenuous smile.

“Sixty-sixty?” he suggested.


Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser meet and join forces for the first time in this pivotal scene of this Hugo winning story. They quickly become friends and soon thereafter become comrades for life as they are forged together by mutual tragedy.

Fritz Leiber effectively sketches out a layout of Lankhmar while with the same brush applies some color to the city just by naming the streets the twain travel upon. We travel with them along cash street near the intersecting streets of Gold and Silver where Jengao’s Gem Shop was just robbed. We pass Pimp and Whore streets and then turn onto Cheap street heading north. The character and nature of the neighborhoods passed through come across to the reader just by the naming of the streets.

Near the Gray Mouser’s shack, we find Bones Alley and Dim Lane off of Cheap Street. As the duo head to Thieves’ House later in the story, they traverse Bones Alley, Plague Court, and Death Alley. Not only is atmosphere created for the environs around Thieves’ House, but the author foreshadows events yet to come.

Nehwon Gazetteer


Bannat, Fissif, Flim, Hristomilo, Ivrian, Karstak Ovartamortes, Krovas, Mara, Mor, Nalgron, Nattick Nimblefingers, Slevyas, Slivikin, Vlana.


Ool Hrusp, Kvarch Nar, Ilthmar, Horborixen, Tisilinilit, far Kiraay, Kleg Nar.

Food & Drink

Hot Gahveh (coffee)


The Outer Sea.


Aarth, Kos.


Beggars Guild(part of the Thieves' Guild), Slayers’ Brotherhood, Thieves’ Guild.


Slivikin, rat familiar of the wizard Hristomilo and his rat-kin.


The Golden Lamprey, Marsh Gate, Shoppe of Jengao the Gem Merchant, Shoppes of Rokkermas and Slaarg, The Silver Eel, Thieves’ House.


Karstak Ovartamortes, King of Kings at Tisilinilit.

Streets of Lankhmar

Cash, Silver, Gold, Pimp, Whore, Cheap, Carter, Dim Lane, Bones Alley, Plague Court, Craft Street, Street of the Thinkers (Atheist Avenue), Death Alley, Murder Alley, Street of the Gods.

Thieves' House

1st Floor

Open Training room, Lock Pick Training room, Mess Hall, Training room with padded floor, plus unknown rooms.

2nd Floor

Disguising room, Guildmaster's room, Hristomilo's room, plus unknown rooms.

3rd-5th Floors



The door to Cheap street is open and lit. Guards are hidden inside in an alcove above the door. There is access to the roof from the 5th floor.

Map of the mentioned streets


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