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Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Stories

Claws from the Night

Published: 1953


Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser return again to the city of Lankhmar to discover that a subtle fear has taken hold of the city. A cult of a forbidden and exiled god has been reborn in a forbidden tower along the river Hlal. A feathered menace has loomed over Lankhmar for three moons.

Atya, priestess of Tyaa, and the birds of Tyaa have been forcibly taking tribute from the citizens of Lankhmar. At first, the birds were stealing shiny objects, then they became more selective as if they were learning and stole jewelry and gems. In the following stage, they attacked women who defended their jewelry.

The twain decide to take advantage of the situation and attempt to steal a ruby recently purchased by Muulsh the Moneylender. When the gem gets stolen by a bird of Tyaa, Fafhrd has his eagle Krooshra take down the bird to gain the gem. However, the gem gets stolen back by another bird and Kroosha rapidly dies from a poisoned wound suffered from the first bird’s claws.

The new bird with the gem lands at the top of the forbidden tower and disappears inside. There is nothing left to do but to enter the tower after it. However, it is not just one bird that awaits in the dark forbidden tower of an ancient cult of an exiled elder god!


Nehwon Gazetteer


Atya, Lessnya, Muulsh, Stravas.


Inner Sea, Mountains of Darkness, River Hlal.


The Elder gods, The Great God, Kos, Tyaa.


Thieves’ Guild.


House of Muulsh, The Silver Eel, Temple of Tyaa.

Streets of Lankhmar

Street of the Silk Merchants.

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