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 ======Adept'​s Gambit====== ======Adept'​s Gambit======
 Published: 1947 Published: 1947
 +<​storyquote>​It happened that while Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser were dallying in a wine shop near the Sidonian Harbor of Tyre, where all wine shops are of doubtful repute, a long-limbed yellow-haired Galatian girl lolling in Fafhrd'​s lap turned suddenly into a wallopingly large sow. It was a singular occurrence, even in Tyre.</​storyquote>​
 +===== Reviews =====
 +  * [[http://​www.lankhmar.co.uk/​review-adepts-gambit-miskatonic-books/​|Review of Adept'​s Gambit, by Miskatonic Books]]
 +=====Rate Adept'​s Gambit=====
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 +===== Discussion =====