The Swords of Lankhmar

Published 1968.



Nehwon Gazetteer


Wine of Quarmall, light wine of Ilthmar.


Years after Lean Times in Lankhmar.


Mirphian(a culture?) Bashabeck, Elakeria, Frix, Glipkerio Kistomerces, Grig, Hisvet, Hisvin, Hreest, Kreeshkra, Lukeen, Movarl, Naph the Beggar, Nattick Nimblefingers, Ningauble of the Seven Eyes, Sheelba of the Eyeless Face, Olegnya Mingolsbane, Radomix Kistomerces-Null, Reetha, Rivis Rightby, Samanda, Siss, Skwee, Slinoor, Svivomilo, Tchy, Karl Treuherz.


Klelg Nar, Kvarch Nar, Quarmall, Ool Hrusp, Ilthmar, Sarheenmar, City of Ghouls, sea-sundered Ool Plerns, Tovilyis, Kartishla, Land's End, Quarmall, Kokgnab, far Kiraay (where you can get glass-sharded whips!)


It is at least a 4 day sail from Lankhmar to Kvarch Nar, 3 days to the Dragon Rocks. It is also a 5 day ride from Kvarch Nar to Lankhmar around the Inner Sea. Kvarch Nar to Kleg Nar, 1 day; Kleg Nar to Sarheenmar, 1 day; Sarheenmar to Ilthmar, 2 days; Ilthmar to Lankhmar, 1 day.


Black plums of Sarheenmar, unleavened Sarheenmar pancake, Hrusp nuts, gray caviar, dried lark's hearts, strength-imparting tiger meal, sugar-dusted ghostfingers, ambrosia wafers.


The Claws, Dragon Rocks, Eastern Lands, Hlal, Inner Sea, Klesh, Lankhmar Deep, Obelisk Polaris, Outer Sea, Great Salt Marsh, Sea of Monsters, Mountains of the Giants, Trollstep Mountains. There are no ports between Kvarch Nar and Klelg Nar.


Gods of Lankhmar, The Spider God, Temple of the Beasts.


Over a millennium ago, Lankhmar's empire ruled from Quarmall to the Trollsteps, Earth's End to the Sea of Monsters, and Kvarch Nar was known as Hwarsh Mar. Lankhmar has stood on it's current ground for over three-score centuries.


Ghouls speak Lankhmarese.


Golden Kvarch Nar Gront, Gold Rilk.


The Rats of Lankhmar Below.


Citadel, the Docks, End Gate, the Graineries, Grain Gate, Grand Gate, the Great Library, House of Hisvin, Marsh Gate, North Barracks, Park of Pleasure, Plaza of Dark Delights, Rainbow Palace, South Barracks, Thieves' House .


King of the East with a Behemoth Seal. The Lankhmart Army fought King Krimaxius and fortressed elephants.


Carter, Cash, Cheap, Crafts, Nun, Street of the Gods, Street of the Thinkers, Wall Street.


Sail Colors: Lankhmar, brown; Movarl, green; Funeral barges, black; Pirate's are sometimes red.

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