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 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 +//a) p. 9; b) Loc. 89.//
 +<​storyquote>​They were dressed as officers of hussars, as we'd been advised . . .</​storyquote>​
 +[[wp>​hussar|Hussars]] were European light infantry. Pelisses are short, tight-fitting,​ military jackets lined with fur. Shakos are tall, cylindrical,​ military hats.
 +//a) p. 10; Loc. 100.//
 +<​storyquote>​We fair chewed the Nevsky Prospekt to pieces galloping away.</​storyquote>​
 +The [[wp>​Nevsky_Prospect|Nevsky Prospect]] is the main street in St. Petersburg, Russia.