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 //Published 1966// //Published 1966//
 +===== Editions =====
 +{{gallery>:​oeuvre:​fiction:​collections?​notw*.jpg&​100x140&​crop&​0 }}
 =====Contents===== =====Contents=====
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   * [[..ShortStories:​TheNightOfTheLongKnives|The Wolf Pair]] //aka The Night of the Long Knives//   * [[..ShortStories:​TheNightOfTheLongKnives|The Wolf Pair]] //aka The Night of the Long Knives//
   * [[..ShortStories:​Sanity|Crazy Wolf]] //aka Sanity//   * [[..ShortStories:​Sanity|Crazy Wolf]] //aka Sanity//
-  * [[..ShortStories:​TheWolfPack|The Wolf Pack]] //aka Let Freedom Ring//+  * [[..ShortStories:​LetFreedomRing|The Wolf Pack]] //aka Let Freedom Ring// 
 +=====Rate The Night of the Wolf===== 
 +{(rater>​id=61|name=The Night of the Wolf|type=rate|headline=off)}