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Swords and Deviltry

Published in 1970.



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Ralph Gconjurewife, 2012/12/31 04:06

i finished SWORDS AGAINST DEVILTRY–the ending was quite–i rate it very highly as pulp sword and sorcery, i will start book two next week–rg

Charles Fewlasssrithofthescrolls, 2012/12/31 08:02

Yes, Ill Met in Lankhmar is quite a good one. The next book should be a lot of fun.

Ralph Gconjurewife, 2012/12/31 12:35

i left out the ending was quite sad—i won on ebay , dragons magazine , an alternate gray mouser origin–so i can compare it to THE UNHOLY GRAIL–[WHICH I LIKED]–ralph g

Ralph Gconjurewife, 2012/12/28 03:07

Well, i have read the first two which are good but as sort of origin stories [solo] of fafhrd and the gray mouser—i am on ill met in lankhmar right now to the point of their lady friends insisting that they assassinate certain members of the thieves guild and fafhrd/mouser explaining to them [rightfully so] why they should not. also fafhrd is very concerned over a rodent/monkey that might be a wizard's familiar giving info to the thieves guild about their location–excellent story as they first meet and what is about to take place–rg

Ralph Gconjurewife, 2012/12/20 05:28

Members, this is the only f. leiber novel i have read [Conjure Wife-ed.]. i enjoyed it very much. i am a big fan of sword and sorcery through reh. i just picked the lankhmar series in it's entirety. i just started book one–ralph g.

Charles Fewlasssrithofthescrolls, 2012/12/20 16:04

Hello Ralph, thanks for dropping in. If you feel the first book is a little dry, skip to the second book and “Jewels in the Forest.” However, “Ill Met in Lankhmar” is the first one I ever read and is what got me hooked.

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