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 ======Night'​s Black Agents====== ======Night'​s Black Agents======
 //Original publication:​ 1947// //Original publication:​ 1947//
 +Night'​s Black Agents is Fritz Leiber'​s very first book and borrows it's title from Macbeth, Act III, scene ii.
 =====Editions===== =====Editions=====
-{{:​oeuvre:​fiction:​collections:​nightsblackagents.jpg?100|Arkham House}} +{{gallery>:​oeuvre:​fiction:​collections?​nba*.jpg&​100x140&​crop&​0 ​}}
-{{:​oeuvre:​fiction:​collections:​nbaberkleypb.jpg?​100|Berkley Paperback}} +
-{{:​oeuvre:​fiction:​collections:​nbaballantinepb.jpg?​100|Ballantine Paperback}} +
-{{:​oeuvre:​fiction:​collections:​nightsblackagentsspherepb.jpg?​100|Sphere Paperback}}+
 =====Contents===== =====Contents=====
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   * [[..:​shortstories:​TheHound|The Hound]]   * [[..:​shortstories:​TheHound|The Hound]]
   * [[..:​shortstories:​DiaryInTheSnow|Diary in the Snow]]   * [[..:​shortstories:​DiaryInTheSnow|Diary in the Snow]]
-  * [[..:​shortstories:​TheGirlWithTheHungryEyes|The Girl with the Hungry Eyes]] - added in the 1978 Berkley Edition. +  * [[..:​shortstories:​TheGirlWithTheHungryEyes|The Girl with the Hungry Eyes]] ​//- added in the 1978 Berkley Edition.// 
-  * [[..:​shortstories:​ABitOfTheDarkWorld|A Bit of the Dark World]] - added in the 1978 Berkley Edition.+  * [[..:​shortstories:​ABitOfTheDarkWorld|A Bit of the Dark World]] ​//- added in the 1978 Berkley Edition.// 
 +=====Rate Night'​s Black Agents===== 
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