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Gummitch and Friends

Published by Donald M. Grant in 1992

Illustrated by Rodger Gerberding


  • Preface by Ann R. Howland


Gummitch And Friends

  • Fritz Leiber, Felines and Son by Justin Leiber
  • Fritz Leiber by Poul Anderson
  • Ballade of a Loss by Karen Anderson
  • Fritz Leiber by Robert Bloch
  • Fritz Leiber by Ray Bradbury
  • Fritz Leiber by Ramsey Campbell
  • Remembering Fritz Leiber by Catherine Crook De Camp
  • The Leiber - De Camp duel by L. Sprague De Camp
  • …And Last Words by Harlan Ellison
  • A Few too Few Words by Harlan Ellison
  • Fritz Leiber by Dennis Etchison
  • Fritz Leiber by Stephen King
  • Emancipation Proclamation by Judith Merril
  • Fritz Leiber by Andre Norton
  • Fritz Leiber by Frank M. Robinson

Cat Stories

Cat Poems

  • Earthbound Poem by Margo Skinner
  • God and the Cat Poem by Margo Skinner
  • A Sinister of Siamese Poem by Margo Skinner
  • Lullaby for a Cat Poem by Margo Skinner
  • Origin of the Species Poem by Karen Anderson
  • Sestina of the Cat in the Doorway Poem by Poul Anderson
  • Afterword by Margo Skinner

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