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Fritz Leiber and H.P. Lovecraft: Writers of the Dark

Published by Wildside Press in 2003


Writers of the Dark


  • Ben J.S. Szumskyj
  • S.T. Joshi


  • Introduction by Ben J.S. Szumskyj
  • H.P. Lovecraft: Letters to Fritz and Jonquil Leiber

Stories and Poems by Fritz Leiber

Essays by Fritz Leiber

  • The Works of H.P. Lovecraft: Suggestions for a Critical Appraisal
  • Some Random Thoughts About Lovecraft's Writings
  • Leiber on Onderdonk
  • A Literary Copernicus
  • My Correspondence with Lovecraft
  • Lovecraft: A Symposium
  • The “Whisperer” Re-examined
  • Through Hyperspace with Brown Jenkin
  • The Cthulhu Mythos: Wondrous and Terrible
  • Lovecraft in My Life
  • Afterword by S.T. Joshi

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