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 ======Friends of the Scrolls====== ======Friends of the Scrolls======
 +  * [[https://​ancientvaults.wordpress.com/​|Ancient Vaults]]
   * [[http://​blogofholding.com/​|Blog of Holding]]   * [[http://​blogofholding.com/​|Blog of Holding]]
   * [[http://​blog.fantasyheartbreaker.com/​|Fantasy Heartbreaker]]   * [[http://​blog.fantasyheartbreaker.com/​|Fantasy Heartbreaker]]
 +  * [[https://​fritzleiber.blogspot.com/​|Fritz Leiber on Blogspot by Patxi Larrabe]]
 +  * [[http://​www.lankhmar.co.uk/​|Lankhmar:​ The Fritz Leiber Homepage]]
   * [[http://​odd74.proboards.com/​index.cgi?​board=lankhmar|OD&​D Discussion Board]]   * [[http://​odd74.proboards.com/​index.cgi?​board=lankhmar|OD&​D Discussion Board]]
   * [[http://​www.peopletobe.com/​|Places to Go, People to Be]]   * [[http://​www.peopletobe.com/​|Places to Go, People to Be]]
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   * [[http://​swordandsanity.blogspot.com/​|Swords Against the Outer Dark]]   * [[http://​swordandsanity.blogspot.com/​|Swords Against the Outer Dark]]
   * [[http://​vargold.blogspot.com/​|Vargold:​The Wolf-time]]   * [[http://​vargold.blogspot.com/​|Vargold:​The Wolf-time]]
-//If you have a link to the Scrolls, let me know on the [[discussion:​visitor_page|Visitor'​s Page]].//