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New Fafhrd & Gray Mouser story in Tales from the Magician’s Skull

Goodman Games has been working overtime in the last few years in what seems to be an effort to revive roleplaying in Nehwon with over a dozen Fafhrd & Gray Mouser adventures, and it would seem that now their effort is being targeted at creating new F&GM fiction as well!

In the latest issue of Tales from the Magician’s Skull (#6), there is a new F&GM story authorized by the estate of Fritz Leiber written by author Nathan Long. Additionally, there is an article on Fritz Leiber and swords & sorcery by Michael Curtis.

Nathan Long is known for writing in the Warhammer universe. His story cycles include The Blackhearts as well as tales about Gotrek and Felix.

Long will not be the first author to continue F&GM’s saga. Robin Wayne Bailey was hand-picked by Leiber to further the tales of the Twain. Bailey wrote a novel called Swords Against the Shadowland but did not continue to write about the duo. As such, this will be the first F&GM story since.

It will be interesting to find out how Long’s style and story ideas suit the venerable sword & sorcery heroes. Best of luck to him and Goodman Games!

Charles Fewlass Charles Fewlass, 2021/06/25 11:13


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