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J Acavalier, 2012/12/22 20:34

Hey admin!

Reporting praise for Fritz Leiber's work here, from South America.

I'm currently running a campaign with Lankhmar's setting (that old 2nd Ed box) and Pathfinder's rules. I've opted for a more chaotic-oriented vision of Nehwon since my players and i had been playing Ravenloft for some months and the common restriction of magic would make them feel they're experiencing the same thing as they did with my previous adventure. So basically, for them, stability is going to live around the corner and whilst Ravenloft is sinister and gothic, Lankhmar is going to be more unpredictable and witty.

I read the comics by Mike Mignola and I've just ordered lots of books so I can get a better perspective of the world.

So keep it up!, Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser aren't dead and I know there are still some of us willing to keep this alive.

Wishing you luck and fortune,


Charles Fewlasssrithofthescrolls, 2012/12/24 14:24

Hi JA,

Thanks for coming by. I never liked the D&D solution to Lankhmar magic. It just made magic weak. Magic is not weak in this setting, it is just rare. As such, I always recommend GMs come up with their own rules for magic.

Dave Austroaustrodavicus, 2012/07/08 18:21

Thanks Charles for making the Scrolls and forum active again. There's a sad lack of Lankhmar material on the internet and it would be good to see this site become the hub of it.


Charles Fewlasssrithofthescrolls, 2012/07/09 12:20

Hey Dave,

Thanks. I'd love for this site to become a hub for Lankhmar–but I do have a lot more work to do. Then there is the matter of interest. As the years pass, I just get the feeling that there are less and less folks out there that are interested in Lankhmar or Fritz Leiber. If you are out there Lankhmar fans, give a shout out. I would like to know just how quiet or noisy this corner of net, really is.

Brettowlorbs, 2012/07/08 18:01

I would like to say thank you to SrithoftheScrolls for keeping the Scrolls of Lankhmar going, they are a great resource. Cheers.

Charles Fewlasssrithofthescrolls, 2012/07/08 18:06

Thanks, Owlorbs for dropping by. I hope they are serving you well for your gaming.

David Russelldavid_russell, 2010/04/08 06:19

Great site! Fritz Leiber was a dear friend and mentor. In 1981, I made a short film based on ''Jewels in the Forest, during which Fritz kindly served as a script consultant. I've long hoped that Hollywood would make a decent feature about the characters!

David Russell

Charles Fewlasssrithofthescrolls, 2010/04/08 17:38

Thanks, David, and welcome to the Scrolls! So what are the chances we could get a peek at your short film? Guillermo del Toro has been quoted as saying I would kill to tackle Fafhrd and Grey Mouser…, but I think that is a close as we will get to having an F&GM film. However, if there were to be a film, he would certainly be my first pick to direct. Personally, though, I think F&GM would be better served as an HBO series or the like.

Patrick Maslenquestbird, 2010/08/09 06:31

Good to see the site up again Charles. I like your Nehwonian name generator too.

Charles Fewlasssrithofthescrolls, 2010/08/10 16:51

Thanks, Questbird. The Scrolls were down for two weeks, but it seemed like an eternity. I''m working on getting them moved to a different server.

Scott Loughuselessnomore, 2013/06/24 00:56

Hello to the denizens of these most admirable pages. I have been a lurker in your shoals for several years and am finally ready to come ashore. This website has been part of the inspiration for my next campaign. I am about to guide a group of mostly RPG first-timers in a heavily modded AD&D 2nd edition romp through Lankhmar and environs.

Charles Fewlasssrithofthescrolls, 2013/06/29 15:00

Hey uselessnomore! Welcome to the shores of Lankhmar! Thank you for surfing these waters. I'd love to hear about your campaign. Feel free to create a new thread for your campaign and post updates or your thoughts as you have them.

Bat @ Ancient Vaultsbat, 2010/08/07 17:45

By the way, thank you for reviving this sight. I remember when basically the only resources were the website and the old Scrolls of Lankhmar. You have really done a bang-up job with this!

Charles Fewlasssrithofthescrolls, 2010/08/08 13:10

Thanks, bat! When I have the Nehwon Gazetteer finished, I'll truly be happy. That thing is taking me forever, and I can't always figure out what to write when Im working on it. But Im glad you like what I've achieved so far.

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