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Goodreads Reading Group

In addition to all the role-players that visit The Scrolls of Lankhmar, there are the readers, and in most cases, they are the same. So, the Scrolls has a presence over at Goodreads, the book and book-readers site, where Leiber fans can read and discuss his works together. Yes, I am talking about a book club, and thanks to my new good friend, Dan, who is now co-moderator of the group, we are about to start our first group read. So come join us!

Good Reads

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Terra Incognita

As I was reading a review of “Lean Times in Lankhmar” on Howard Andrew Jones' blog, I came across a comment from another author, Robert Zoltan, about how Leiber understood the meaning of myth and also about the lack of mystery in modern fantasy.

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