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Poul Anderson“When half-Gods go/The Gods arrive.” Yes, but what do you do when the Gods themselves depart?

Algis BudrysWhere is Leiber’s Pulitzer? Where is his National Book Award?

Ramsey CampbellFritz Leiber was the father of modern supernatural horror fiction, and its greatest master. I'll stake my reputation on the belief that once “Smoke Ghost” was published, the field could never be the same again.

Michael ChabonI learned how to play the game of literature—a game of power and precision and elegance—from reading Fritz Leiber.

Harlan EllisonOne of the perhaps dozen writers in the history of literature whose command of the language, whose inventiveness, whose shining genius intimidates me.

Harlan EllisonFor anyone who loves great literature, Fritz Leiber walked on water.

Raymond E. FeistMost of us in this field today are constantly being compared to J.R.R. Tolkien. This is a marketing device and has no bearing on reality. Most of us, if asked, admit that Fritz Leiber is our spiritual father, and for the most part, we're sweating to keep up with the 'Grand Old Man,' let alone overtake him.1)

Neil GaimanHe was one of the giants of genre literature and it is hard to imagine the world of tales we read today being the same without him.

William GibsonFritz Leiber's tales of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser are virtually a genre unto themselves. Urbane, idiosyncratic, comic, erotic and human, spiked with believable action and the eerie creations of a master fantasist!

Stephen KingCertainly without Conjure Wife there is no Rosemary's Baby or The Stepford Wives, and probably without Night's Black Agents there is no Books of Blood or Night Shift.

Michael MoorcockThe best living American fantasy writer.

Michael MoorcockFritz, together with a handful of other fine writers of his generation, was one of those who helped create the literary conventions which exist in all popular science fiction today, from Star Trek to Blade Runner.2)

Michael MoorcockMeanwhile the Young Turks . . . were are agreed that there were two writers of the earlier generation whose literary standards and skills, whose talent and sensibility they still admired. One was Philip K. Dick. The other was Fritz Leiber, whose masterly prose and urbane wit continued to outshine our callow talents. We revered him. We still do.3)

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