Calendar of Nehwon

The following Years, Months, and Days are mentioned in the stories:

  • Years:= Leviathon1, Roc1, Dragon1, Behemoth, Feathered Death5, Monsters , and the Snake
  • Months: Hedgehog6, Lion, Serpent2, and Owl2
  • Days: Mouse, Toad3, Cat3 and Spider4

A moon calendar is also mentioned, especially in the latter stories. The priestesses of Skama, the moon goddess, use this system. The twelve moons are, in order:

  Snow, Wolf, Seed, Witch, Ghost, Murderer, Thundar, Satyr, Harvest, Second Witch, Frost, and Lovers.

In the story, When the Sea King's Away, the use of decades is implied, or at the very least, the use of year cycles is stated. The story mentions an event that occurs on the seventh day of the seventh moon of the seventh year of the Sevens cycle.

In the Lankhmar, City of Adventure, game accessory published by TSR an entire calendar is presented including the elements above. TSR bases their version of the Lankhmar calendar on the Gregorian system, and invents many of the names of years, months, and days to fill in the blanks. The game accessory also includes a few holidays based on various story elements such as the rat plague and the Gods of Lankhmar. There is at least one inconsistency with their calendar and the stories. They list three intervening months between the Serpent and the Owl, whereas in the story Thieves' House, the author describes the last days of the Serpent leading into the beginning of the Owl.


  1. ) The years of the Leviathan, Roc, and the Dragon immediately succeed each other.
  2. ) The month of the Owl immediately follows the month of the Serpent.
  3. ) The day of the Cat immediately follows the day of the Toad.
  4. ) The day of the Spider precedes the day of the Cat by fifteen days.
  5. ) The Year of the Feathered Death may be a unique year.