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When the Sea-King's Away

Published: 1960

When the Sea-King's AwayThere was an old Simorgyan legend, Fafhrd had insisted, according to which on the seventh day of the seventh moon of the seventh year of the Sevens-Cycle the king of the sea journeyed to the other end of the earth, leaving his opalescently beautiful green wives and faintly silver-scaled slim concubines free to find them lovers if they could . . . and this, Fafhrd had stridently asserted he knew by the spectral calm and other occult tokens, was the place of the sea-king’s home and the eve of the day!


No-Ombrulsk, Ool Hrusp.


The Sea King's Lair is a day's fast sail from No-Ombrulsk.


Curtain Wall, Inner Sea, Outer Sea, Sea King’s Lair, Simorgya.


Gods of Lankhmar.


Three dead sailors and a squid wielding eight bastard swords.


Queen of the East.

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