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Rating Stats

Item Value Details
thebigtime5.005.00 stars  1 votes
ourladyofdarkness5.005.00 stars  1 votes
Thieves House5.005.00 stars  2 votes
gonnarollthebones5.005.00 stars  1 votes
apailofair5.005.00 stars  2 votes
Smoke Ghost5.005.00 stars  1 votes
Bazaar of the Bizarre5.005.00 stars  2 votes
liestillsnowwhite5.005.00 stars  1 votes
the64squaremadhouse4.674.67 stars  3 votes
The Jewels in the Forest4.604.60 stars  5 votes
The Cloud of Hate4.504.50 stars  2 votes
Adepts Gambit4.504.50 stars  2 votes
Fritz Leiber Selected Stories4.504.50 stars  2 votes
When the Sea-Kings Away4.504.50 stars  2 votes
The Sunken Land4.504.50 stars  2 votes
The Price of Pain-Ease4.384.38 stars  8 votes
The Unholy Grail4.334.33 stars  3 votes
Their Mistress The Sea4.334.33 stars  3 votes
Ill Met in Lankhmar4.004.00 stars  4 votes
comingattraction4.004.00 stars  5 votes
thecreaturefromclevelanddepths4.004.00 stars  1 votes
Induction4.004.00 stars  1 votes
The Snow Women4.004.00 stars  6 votes
The Bleak Shore4.004.00 stars  3 votes
The Two Best Thieves in Lankhmar4.004.00 stars  1 votes
thegirlwiththehungryeyes4.004.00 stars  2 votes
Lean Times in Lankhmar3.833.83 stars  6 votes
The Howling Tower3.673.67 stars  3 votes
Claws from the Night3.503.50 stars  4 votes
The Circle Curse3.503.50 stars  2 votes
The Wrong Branch3.503.50 stars  2 votes
The Seven Black Priests3.003.00 stars  3 votes
thepowerofthepuppets3.003.00 stars  1 votes
sanity3.003.00 stars  1 votes
thephantomslayer3.003.00 stars  1 votes
gameformotelroom3.003.00 stars  1 votes
thehillandthehole3.003.00 stars  1 votes
crywitch2.672.67 stars  3 votes